Compared to pre-Markarth, Pierce Armor will not only give you Major Breach which now includes a penetration debuff for both magicka and stamina damage dealers but also Minor Breach which not only includes the universal penetration debuff but also has been raised to a significant amount of 2974, in contrast the pre-Markarth Minor Breach was only 1320.

So what did Ransack, the other morph get?

Well nothing, you still only have Major Breach and you still do get Minor Protection but we have to take note that Minor Protection has been nerfed from 8% to 5% and since penetration is such a great stat to add for your group DPS on any level whether it's dungeons or Trials, it's very very hard for anyone to justify ever going for Ransack starting in Update 28.

In addition to this we do have other implications we need to consider, for example, we don't need Power of the Light, a Templar skill so often used by Stamina Templar DPS or Templar healers to give raid groups more penetration which may affect raid compositions in the near future.