We'll be examining probably one of the most asked questions so far in regards to next patch, Markarth DLC or Update 28 and that question is: Is the item set Alkosh dead and no longer needed for Trial groups?

The Numbers

With a lot of things changing next patch including an update to the Major/Minor buff and debuff system where we've seen an increase in penetration values for things like Major Breach, Minor Breach and also the fact that Breach poisons will be unique meaning no longer considered as Minor Breach, a lot of people have speculated that Alkosh with its additional amount of penetration granted would be overkill or simply not needed.

The following values are from the Public Test Server and we'll talk about how penetration values line up for Magicka DPS raid compositions:

4884 (Light Armor)

5948 (Major Breach)

2974 (Minor Breach)

2108 (Infused Crusher)

1320 (Poisons)

(18,200 - 17,234) = 966 - ~76 (Penetrating Magic) = 890

If Torug's Infused (+~948)

Subtract 1500 as a Magicka Necromancer

Subtract 2974 as a Magicka Nightblade

The following values are from the Public Test Server and we'll talk about how penetration values line up for Stamina DPS raid compositions:

5948 (Major Breach)

2974 (Minor Breach)

2108 (Infused Crusher)

2395 (Tremorscale)

1000 (Sorc)

1320 (Poisons)

(18,200 - 15,745) = 2,455 , if Torug's Infused (2455 - ~948 = 1507)

Subtract 1500 as a Stamina Necromancer

Subtract 2974 as a Stamina Nightblade


So at this point you may have noticed that I highlighted the 1320 penetration poisons because this is quite the wildcard factor to consider:

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Note that Breach poisons will last 10.5 seconds with a cooldown of 10 seconds but the chance to proc these poisons is 20% per light attack or ability cast so you will probably experience quite a bit of RNG or potential downtime particularly if you put Poisons on one bar or even both bars and we haven't even addressed as to who in the raid would be using these poisons.

So with no Poisons that penetration required is as follows

2286 More Penetration Required (Magicka)

3755 More Penetration Required (Stamina)

You could certainly argue that DPS could invest into Spell Erosion or Piercing through their Champion Point allocations however ideally just like in =the Stone Thorn patch we want 0 points invested into either node as a Damage dealer so we can get the most out of damage.

Regardless, I think after seeing these numbers, for sure we will still see a use for Alkosh for Stamina DPS groups and most likely Magicka DPS groups depending on competition although it's a little dubious for certain magicka DPS groups. However there are certainly other things we could consider such as removing Crusher which would certainly be made up by Alkosh anyway and running other enchantments that may be beneficial next patch like Weakening, Frost for Minor Brittle or perhaps we will see a return of double sword and board tanking.

For trash fights, Alkosh will absolutely still be needed regardless of composition.