Information Revealed

The Necrom Chapter (Shadows over Morrowind) will release for PC/Mac on June 5, 2023. I twill release for console on June 20, 2023. The Arcanist class comes with the Chapter so you need to purchase the Chapter to play the class.

The name of the new 12 player Trial has been confirmed to be Sanity's Edge.

Returning storyline characters include Asher and Naryu as previously stated in the 2023 Global Reveal.

The increase of maximum character slots from 18 to 20 has been confirmed yet again. 1 of the character slots is free if you buy the Chapter.

New enemies confirmed using Arcanist class skills.

Update 37 Public Test Server cycle starts on January 30th, 2023.

No Combat Preview confirmed before PTS Patch Notes. Summary of the combat changes and goals will instead be in the patch notes themselves. Most likely a new trend.

Whitestrake's Mayhem PvP event postponed, not canceled.

Two new dungeons confirmed for quarter 1 or Update 37 otherwise known as the Scribes of Fate DLC.

Pre-purchase content revealed:

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Content roadmap confirms an "endless dungeon" feature for Quarter 4 / Update 40:

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New Dungeons

Bal Sunnar

A city located in Stonefalls is the site of one of the two new Q1 dungeons. Features Telvanni enemies. "Temporal magics emanate from the mysterious township of Bal Sunnar, and the Psijic Order needs help investigating and containing this strange power."

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Scrivener's Hall

The dungeon is located in the south of The Rift. Features the Scribes of Mora who took it upon themselves to map the Daedric realms. They went through a recent power struggle. "Fight your way through the twisted acolytes of the Scribes of Mora and confront their villainous new leader, Valinna."

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You can step on bugs in this dungeon.

New Skin

Completion of Bal Sunnar on veteran mode grants a skin!

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New Item Sets

In addition to three new Rewards of the Worthy sets, we have the following dungeon sets:

Update 37 Base Game Features

  • Additional filters to Housing Editor for retrieval and other functions.
  • Option to reset combat dummies with one button without use of addon in your houses.
  • Occupant management for your houses.
  • New Alliance Emblem Face Markings
  • Daily/Weekly Reset Timer Updates (3AM UTC for EU, 10AM UTC for NA), all aligned.
  • Screen Narration (Accessibility mode addition)
  • Impresario Item to HIDE SHOULDER PIECES
  • New House (Fog Break Lighthouse)