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What We Know So Far

New Class - The 3 Arcanist skill lines are Herald of the Tome, Apocryphal Soldier, and Curative Runeforms. Confirmed skills include Runic armor, Tentacle ranged shot, a combo/build-up points system, creating two portals for teleportation. Aesthetics based on Hermaeus Mora and Apocrypha setting.

Apocryphal Gate lets you open a pair of portals which you can jump between for in-fight mobility, or for creative exploration.

Abyssal Impact lets you turn your arm into tentacles.

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New Zones - Telvanni Peninsula, the city of Necrom the Dunmer city of the dead is featured. The Daedric realm of Apocrypha is featured as well.

New World Events/Bosses

New Story - Hermaeus Mora and company need assistance safeguarding the secrets of Apocrypha from a mysterious Daedric entity. You'll meet a clanless Dremora called Torvesard whose motives are complex - is he friend or foe? Vampire mercenaries called the Dusksabers prowl the Telvanni Peninsula, working for Magister Shelreni Baro. She's a typical Telvanni, wanting to climb the ranks of her house.

New 12 man Trial confirmed.

An increase in available Character Slots from 18 to 20.

2 New Companions, including one that is based off of the new class. (Argonian and Redguard)

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All-In-One Attunable Crafting Station

Two-Person Endless Dungeon/Horde Mode potentially.

QoL focus/bug fixes for Quarter 3.

"Pre-made" Group Finder?

Ashur and Naryu will return as NPCs

New System yet to be announced for Quarter 4 unless it's the mentioned 2-man endless dungeon?

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