The Thief

Lava Foot Soup-And-Saltrice
Essence of Weapon Power

Introduction (Update 30, Blackwood)

This build was created by and will be explained by Yicky, an ESO content creator and Hard Mode Stream Team member.

This build is designed to be able to do high amounts of DPS on a single bar that is sustainable in solo and group content for beginners.  If built to full optimization, it can do very high DPS with only a single set of weapons.  This is specific to race, gear, traits, and skills.  Upon testing with non optimized races and gear, you can still put out a high amount of damage that will allow you to conquer the majority of gameplay.

For an overland solo one-bar Stamplar build, refer to this build.

For maximum output and efficiency, you want to select the following races, for a guide on races refer to here:

Dunmer, Khajiit & Orsimer.

If you aren’t looking for full optimization, you may select any race.