• 0:00 Taking a Breath
  • 0:13 Build Introduction, Solo'ing Dragon
  • 1:48 Stats, Consumables, One Bar
  • 4:10 Item Sets
  • 7:15 Gear Setup
  • 7:53 Skills
  • 11:36 Champion Points
  • 12:59 Solo'ing World Boss
The Lover

Braised Rabbit With Spring Vegetables
Essence of Weapon Power

Introduction (Update 30, Blackwood)

The Dragonthorn Stamplar is a beginner-friendly PvE solo build that allows anyone to tackle on all overland content including Delve Bosses, Public Dungeons, World Bosses, Dragon Bosses, World Events such as Harrowstorms/Dolmens/Deadlands Portals with or without any other player. This build can work in Normal Dungeons as well.

The focus of this build is on both decent damage and survivability that allows players to comfortably navigate the dangers of Tamriel in their quests for rewards and glory.

Speaking of comfort, it's a one-bar only build which means you don't need to barswap or have a secondary skill bar set up to solo things! Until the website is updated, do ignore the "Backbar" portion of the build page.

Stamina Templar is one of the strongest classes to apply this concept to as their main spammable Biting Jabs is an Area-of-Effect Direct Damage ability that has a high DPS ceiling. In conjunction with their Class passives and skills such as Repentance and Restoring Focus, the Stamplar serves well despite being limited to one skill bar.

As the original intent of this build was to have a Dragonslayer theme (solo'ing Northern/Southern Elsweyr Dragons), the amount of Health points can be lowered a lot for the content you wish to solo, but take note that Restoring Focus' heal scales off of Max Health!

For a gameplay demonstration, refer to the video above.

Any race can work for this build although Imperial, Nord, Orsimer, Dunmer and Bosmer have favorable stats for it.

Recommended Mundus Stone is The Lover.

Recommended potions for this build will be Essence of Weapon Power which grants Stamina, Major Savagery and Major Brutality.

Recommended food for this build is any bi-stat food that gives Max Health/Max Stamina.