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Build & Explanation

The ESOLogs for an improvement on the run in the video can be found here.

Yet another vAS tank heal parse. Definitely far from perfect gameplay with plenty of random mistakes such as bar swapping weirdly with no light weaving and failing to apply some dots without realizing right away, but this is my highest parse of the patch with overall decent uptimes (2 dots in the low 90s, but everything else in the high 90s, and good-ish Brittle/MK).

With this setup my goal was to proc Minor Brittle as much as possible, which is why I used 2 Ice Staves. I think that using a Warden would see a bit higher uptimes since Winter's Revenge should proc it a bit more, though based on some runs with this and similar setups, it would also work to use a Frost Glyph on any class.

Since this upload I've been playing around with different bar setups in the hopes of getting higher Brittle uptimes. The biggest change was to swap Frost Reach to my front bar, since its direct damage component has a higher chance to proc its status effect, which in turn has an even higher chance to do so when cast on my Charged front bar. So far this seems to be working nicely and with the results I was hoping for.

In regards to the original theorycrafting, please refer to this previous post.