Build(s) & Explanation

This is a showcase of one of the new front kiter setups I've been trying as of the Markarth DLC. Still running double-destro Z'en and Martial Knowledge, this build utilizes 5 active Magicka dots, and bash weaving the boss (and a little dodge rolling, sprinting, and blocking) to drain stamina. I was hesitant about mostly bash weaving to drain stam at first, but it turned out to be easier than I expected since the boss's hitbox is so big.

I didn't need to use PotL since the tank was using Pierce Armor, which provides Minor Breach in addition to Major Breach, which meant I had a free skill slot. I decided to use Inner Light to help boost my Magicka.

I also tried running Channeled Focus instead of Inner Light, and 1-3x Spell Damage glyphs on jewelry, but enjoyed the additional Mag from Inner Light/having a skill that I didn't need to cast more. I needed to keep up Minor Sorcery for the group as well, via casting Vampire's Bane within range. I started tracking this buff to try and get my uptimes a bit higher, though they still could've been better.

I've also been playing around with a Minor Brittle build, shown here:

Same idea as the double flame staff setup, but running 2x Ice Staves, a back bar Frost enchant, and a Charged front bar.

It's possible to do a bit more damage (with both setups), though for the Brittle parse in particular, I didn't play as well as I could have.

After uploading this I did a bit of brainstorming on potential changes to make to these builds that would allow for more damage, so I look forward to trying those in the future and seeing what the results will be.

The ESOLogs for this can be found here.