• Empowering Grasp (morph): This morph’s Empower now lasts for the full 5 second duration, rather than being consumed on use.

According to the Stonethorn DLC Patch Notes:

Empowering Grasp (morph): This morph's Empower now lasts for the full 5 second duration rather than being consumed on use.

This means that unlike the item set Galenwe or whatever other source of Empower there is out there including the Mage’s Guild passive for Empower, you’re getting a 40% damage boost to your light attacks for five full seconds every time this Empowering Grasp skill is applied to you.

This means that Empower is NOT consumed unlike previous sets or scenarios until those five full seconds are up making this skill an incredibly strong utility skill to boost your group DPS.

In a Trial environment, we’re seeing at about a 5% DPS increase per Damage Dealer.

Now how does this skill work? This is where some people are confused.

While each circle of Empowering Grasps has its own effect such a snare, immobilization and stun, each circle seems to have a cap of SIX people meaning with proper group positioning which is probably already a given in groups you want to use this skill in, you can just apply one instance of Empowering Grasp hitting all of the DPS in one cast or in the worst case scenario two casts.

Note that if you aim it properly, you can actually hit TWO circles on a stack of people meaning theoretically if 11 people are stacked in one spot and you are at a certain distance to which you use Empowering Grap, you can give all those people Empower for five full seconds.

Refer to the no cleanse Zhaj'hassa burn in vMoL for practical application of this skill.

Now what role do we use Empowering Grasp on?

Empowering Grasp may be too intrusive to a Magicka Necromancer or a Stamina Necromancer DPS rotation so probably not worth the net damage loss, so basically most groups will orobably put this skill on either a Necromancer offtank or main tank depending on the positioning of the fight or a Necromancer healer.