The Atronach

Bewitched Sugar Skulls
Essence of Health

Introduction (Update 32, Deadlands)

The Corruption tank build makes its return from post-Greymoor to continue the focus on Necromancer tanking four man content on Normal, Veteran and Veteran Hard Mode levels (Dungeons & Arenas).

This build is NOT recommended to take to Veteran Trials. Note that any combination of Defiled Dragon and Imperium can work so long as both five piece sets are active on both bars so don't feel pressured to farm either of the two dungeons they drop from for the specific pieces outlined in the gear setup below!

Corruption has an emphasis on providing crowd control, self survival, group survivability, group utility and increasing your group's DPS via Penetration.

The intent of this build is to never die while still providing the basic fundamentals of tanking in ESO (taunting, debuffing, buffing) at an accessible level.

For a beginner's guide to tanking in The Elder Scrolls Online, you can refer to this guide.

Recommended Races for this build are Imperial, Nord, Argonian, Breton and Redguard. For race recommendations you can refer to this video.

Recommended potion for this build is an Essence of Health (tri-stat).

Recommended food for this build is Bewitched Sugar Skulls or Orzorga's Red Frothgar if you switch to Block Cost/Stamina Cost Reduction glyphs on jewelry and Prismatic enchantments on every body piece.

Recommended Mundus Stone is The Atronach or The Lord.

For gameplay and the video showcasing this build, refer to the video above.