Ravenous Goliath

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Necromancer - Bone Tyrant
Bone Goliath Transformation Morph
Ravenous Goliath
Ravenous Goliath
Cast time:
20 seconds
250 Ultimate

Become a horrific Ravenous Goliath, increasing your Max Health by 30000 for 20 seconds and immediately restoring 30000 Health. While transformed, your damaging Light Attacks restore 331 Health and your fully-charged Heavy Attacks restore 828 Health. You deal 952 Magic Damage damage to nearby enemies every second and heal for that amount. These abilities scale off your Max Health.

  • Skill line: Necromancer - Bone Tyrant
  • Skill type: Ultimate
  • Unlocks at: Necromancer - Bone Tyrant level 1
  • Alternative morphs

  • Stars affecting this skill

    Biting Aura
    Focused Mending