This article will go over the sum of the 5 weeks of changes being applied to all of the six Elder Scrolls Online classes in terms of combat skills from the Public Test Server cycle for Update 34 otherwise known as High Isle.


Engulfing Flames (morph): Reduced the Flame Damage taken bonus on this morph to a maximum of 6%, down from 10%. The total sum of Weapon and Spell Damage needed to reach the cap remains the same.

Burning Embers (morph): Reduced the healing value from this to up to 50%, down from up to 100%.

Combustion (passive): This passive now has a cooldown of 3 seconds, up from .5 seconds.

Choking Talons (morph): Reduced the cost of this morph to 3510, down from 4050.

Coagulating Blood (morph): This morph no longer reduces in cost, but instead increases the healing bonus based on your missing Health to 50%, up from 33%. The healing bonus is now a true value, rather than an additive value. Reduced the base healing of the skill by approximately 3% to fix some calculation errors.

Hardened Armor (morph): Increased the damage shield granted from this morph by 24%.

Fragmented Shield (morph): Increased the duration of Major Mending granted from this morph to 6.667 seconds at base, up from 5 seconds. Don’t worry though, it’ll reach a nice whole number when you have your Eternal Mountain passive maxed out.


Mystic Siphon (morph): This morph now increases your Health, Magicka and Stamina Recovery by up to 150 while it is active, rather than restoring up to 1260 Magicka over its duration.

Mortal Coil (morph): This morph now restores up to 1020 Magicka and Stamina over its duration, with its restore happening in increments of 2 seconds, rather than granting 150 Health, Magicka and Stamina Recovery while its active.

Beckoning Armor (morph): This morph now attempts to pull valid targets once every 2 seconds, up from once every 3.

Ruinous Scythe (morph): This morph now deals Bleed Damage, rather than Physical. This morph now applies the Hemorrhaging status effect on damage dealt. This morph now sets all enemies Off Balance on hit, rather than every 3rd cast.

Hexproof (morph): Reduced the cost of this morph to 1670 at its final rank, down from 1880. The morph tooltip now properly states it reduces in cost as the ability ranks up.


Refreshing Path (morph): Fixed an issue where the Minor Endurance and Intellect granted from this morph only applied to the caster, rather than all allies. This morph now also grants Minor Endurance and Intellect for 4 seconds each tick.

Piercing Mark (morph): Fixed an issue where the heal from this morph was lower than the base ability. Increased the duration of the effects to 60 seconds at rank IV, up from 30.

Ambush (morph): Increased the duration of Empower granted from this morph to 10 seconds, up from 3. This morph now also grants Minor Berserk for its duration.

Surprise Attack (morph): Fixed an issue where this morph had no upgrades as it ranked up. It will now deal 1.1% more damage per rank.

Drain Power (base skill): Increased the duration of Major Brutality and Sorcery granted from this ability and its morphs to 30 seconds, up from 20, to make up for the fact that they require a target to gain these effects.

Power Extraction (morph): This morph now also grants the caster Minor Courage for 30 seconds upon dealing damage.

Soul Shred: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could ignore line of sight in some cases. Fixed numerous issues where the damage or healing from these abilities could use the wrong stats to scale.


Crystal Fragments (morph): This morph now activates off any non-Ultimate active ability cast, rather than only Magicka costing abilities. Reduced the proc chance to 33%, down from 35%.

Crystal Weapon (morph): This morph now causes your next two Light or Heavy Attacks to deal bonus damage, up from 1. There is a small cooldown on this to avoid the ability to instantly proc both, though! This morph now increases the base cost to 3443, up from 2295, to account for the fact that you are capable of getting off two casts of the ability for the price of one. Increased the duration of the skill to 6 seconds, up from 4, to improve accessibility of the skill's charges for Heavy Attack builds. This ability can no longer proc on the beginning ticks of channeled Heavy Attacks, to prevent the ability to overload a single attack with tremendous burst.

Summon Charged Atronach (morph): This morph’s Area of Effect damage now always applies the Concussed status effect.

Boundless Storm (morph): Fixed an issue where this ability’s visual effects were not in sync with their combat effects.

Endless Fury (morph): Reduced the cost of this morph to 2160, down from 2430 to help reinforce the idea that you are able to endlessly cast it.

Energy Overload (morph): This morph now restores up to 1200 Magicka and Stamina, rather than up to 1192 Magicka. The restore now happens any time you use the Light or Heavy Attacks, rather than only when they deal damage.

Surge: Fixed an issue where the Major Sorcery granted from this ability was not ranking up in duration.


Blazing Shield (morph): Increased the radius of this morph to 8 meters, up from 6, to better match its visual effects. Fixed an issue where the damage could fail to activate in many cases.

Backlash: Increased the cost of this ability and the Purifying Light morph to 2160, up from 2000.

Power of the Light (morph): Reduced the cost of this morph to 1337, down from 1700.

Living Dark (morph): This morph's heal no longer scales with stats and instead heals for a base of 2000 Health when it triggers. Increased the duration of this morph to 10 seconds, up from 4. Reduced the cost to 4050 down from 4320.

Dark Flare (morph): Reduced the cost of this morph to 2430, down from 2700.

Practiced Incantation (morph): This morph now allows you to move at a reduced rate while channeling it, rather than being unable to move at all.


Wild Guardian (morph): This morph now deals 10% more damage, up from 5%, to ensure it deals similar damage to Eternal Guardian when you take the Piercing Magic passive. This morph now converts the damage to Bleed Damage instead of Physical, and each attack applies the Hemorrhaging status effect. Wild.

Deep Fissure (morph): This morph now also applies Minor Breach to enemies hit for the duration.

Corrupting Pollen (morph): This morph now also applies Minor Cowardice to enemies in the area, to help it gain some viability in PvE areas.

Arctic Blast (morph): This morph now requires enemies to be damaged 5 times in order to be stunned, up from 3. Reduced the duration of the stun to 3 seconds, down from 4. Increased the duration of the stack counter to 3 seconds, up from 1.

Crystallized Slab (morph): This morph now also stuns the target upon dealing damage.

Expansive Frost Cloak (morph): Expanded the radius of this morph to 36 meters, up from 28.

Northern Storm (morph): This morph now grants 300 Weapon and Spell Damage for up to 30 seconds after casting, rather than up to 15% Max Magicka for 30 seconds. This should help the Ultimate be more impactful across play styles.