Dark Flare

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Templar - Dawn's Wrath
Solar Flare Morph
Dark Flare
Dark Flare
Cast time:
800 seconds
2430 Magicka

Conjure a ball of solar energy to heave at an enemy, dealing 2483 Magic Damage. Afflicts the target and enemies within 8 meters with Major Defile, reducing their healing received and Health Recovery by 16% for 4 seconds. Also grants you Empower for 3 seconds, increasing the damage of your Light and Heavy Attacks by 40%.

  • Skill line: Templar - Dawn's Wrath
  • Skill type: Active
  • Unlocks at: Templar - Dawn's Wrath level 4
  • Base skill

  • Alternative morphs

  • Stars affecting this skill

    Biting Aura
    Deadly Aim