There's often much confusion when it comes to Concussion, how Off Balance works in conjunction with Concussion and how Minor Vulnerability or the Charged weapon trait fit into the picture.

Difference Between Concussion and Off Balance

These two things are not the same but interact with each other.

When an enemy is Concussed, the status effect associated with Concussion applied to them is Minor Vulnerability which means the target afflicted with Concussion/Minor Vulnerability takes more damage.

Concussion is applied with a % chance (or at a 100% chance with the Asylum Destruction staff)

Type of Damage (Shock/Lightning)
Chance of Concussion
Area of Effect Damage-over-Time
Single Target Damage-over-Time
Direct Damage Area of Effect
Direct Damage Skill
Shock Enchantment

When something is Concussed and is standing in a Lightning Blockade (which doesn't necessarily concuss the targets) they become OFF-BALANCED.

Off Balance has a duration of 7 seconds on a boss/target with a 20 second cooldown (in effect, 22 seconds). Using a heavy attack against an Off Balanced enemy will deal 70% more damage, consume the Off Balance debuff if the target is stunned (doesn't apply to dungeon or raid bosses) and will also restore double the amount of stamina or magicka you get back from hitting the target!

Where Does Charged Come In?

So how does the weapon trait Charged work in relation to Concussion or Off Balance?

Off Balance is a guaranteed proc from Blockade of Storms/Unstable Wall of Storms as long as the target is Concussed and not currently under Off Balance or Off Balance Immunity.

What Charged does is increase the chance of applying Concussed to an enemy as it amplifies the chance of applying the Concussed status effect with a Lightning Staff or with a Shock enchantment on a non-Lightning Staff or with both.

For example:

With a Charged Destruction staff, you will have a 84% Chance (0.2 x 4.2 x 100) to apply Concussed per Shock Damage glyph proc.

With a Charged Restoration staff, you will have a 64% Chance (0.2 x 3.2 x 100) to apply Concussed per Shock Damage glyph proc.