Unrelenting Grip

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Dragonknight - Ardent Flame
Fiery Grip Morph
Unrelenting Grip
Unrelenting Grip
Cast time:
3780 Magicka

Launch a fiery chain to grasp and pull an enemy to you, dealing 1393 Flame Damage. Hitting the target grants you Major Expedition, increasing your Movement Speed by 30% for 4 seconds. If the target cannot be pulled, you restore 100% of the ability's cost as Magicka. This attack cannot be dodged or reflected.

  • Skill line: Dragonknight - Ardent Flame
  • Skill type: Active
  • Unlocks at: Dragonknight - Ardent Flame level 30
  • Base skill

  • Alternative morphs

  • Stars affecting this skill

    Deadly Aim