Draw Essence

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Dragonknight - Draconic Power
Inhale Morph
Draw Essence
Draw Essence
Cast time:
8 meters
3510 Magicka

Channel draconic energy to suck in the air around you, dealing 3514 Flame Damage to nearby enemies and healing you for 147% of the damage caused. After 2.5 seconds, you exhale fire, dealing 7029 Flame Damage to nearby enemies and restoring 10% of the ability's cost for each enemy hit as Magicka.

  • Skill line: Dragonknight - Draconic Power
  • Skill type: Active
  • Unlocks at: Dragonknight - Draconic Power level 1
  • Base skill

  • Alternative morphs

  • Stars affecting this skill

    Focused Mending
    Biting Aura