Death Dealer's Fete

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Mythic - Mythic
Death Dealer's Fete
(1 items) Gain a persistent stack of Escalating Fete every 2 seconds you are in combat, up to 30 stacks max. Each stack of Escalating Fete increases your Maximum Stamina, Health, and Magicka by 88. You lose a stack of Escalating Fete every 4 seconds you are out of combat.
  • Type: Mythic
  • Location: Mythic
  • DLC: Greymoor

Available slots

Slot nameItems
Light armorNone
Medium armorNone
Heavy armorNone
One-handed weaponsNone
Two-handed weaponsNone

Additional information

You need to find, Scry and Excavate the five following Leads for assembling this Mythic:

Carved Signet Base - Imperial City Districts (Any Boss)

Sturdy Silver Prongs - Dragonstar Arena (Completion Chest)

Warm Asymmetrical Ruby - Oblivion Portals (Completion Loot), Blackwood

Weighted Spiked Bridge - Rewards for the Worthy Mail, PvP

Wide Barbed Shank - Anomalies, Nirncrux Mines (Craglorn)