ESOU Podcast #33 ft. JessicaRae
An ESO player turned murderer? Bomb threats over a guild trader? Former Xbox ESO player JessicaRae spills the tea with Olibeau and Nefas in the 33rd episode of the ESOU Podcast.


ESOU Podcast #32 ft. Kassandra
Mournhold mafia? Trade guild drama? How do trade guilds work? How much work goes into it? How many officers do you need? Kassandra of the Ninja Squirrels and Samurai Squirrels on PC/NA sit down with Olibeau and Nefas to discuss all these and more.
ESOU Podcast #31 ft. PinkApple
Nefas and Olibeau sit down with special guest and ToT Grandmaster PinkApple, the only player to have achieved #1 on PC/NA and PC/EU at the same time.


ESOU Podcast #30 ft. Cozen
ESOU Podcast episode 30 features Cozen, a raid lead who used to lead a former Top 100 World of Warcraft raid team and is now maining The Elder Scrolls Online in which he's achieved multiple Planesbreakers and Swashbuckler Supremes.
ESOU Podcast #29 ft. Edenprime
Olibeau and I sit down with Edenprime, guildmaster of the largest Finnish community for ESO (Dragonborn Inc), ESO Hub contributor, co-leader of PC/EU's largest trading network, coordinator of Bethesda Nordic events and a raider.



ESOU Podcast #26 ft. Ce-Nex
Nefas and Olibeau sit down with special guest Ce-Nex to discuss a controversial subject in ESO - carrying people through content for gold.




ESOU Podcast #21 ft. Qcell
Nefas sits down with special guest Qcell to talk about Rockgrove Helper, how addon developers are underappreciated and more.
ESOU Podcast #20 ft. Loctavian
Nefas sits down with special guest Loctavian to talk about many things related to ESO including the difficulty of overland content or lack thereof.