Champion points allocations

Want to know the latest & proper Champion Points allocation for all of the hardest PvE content? Want to know the general mitigation allocations for PvP? Look below! Everything will always be up to date! Last Updated: Stonethorn/Update 27


The Mage

Alkosh (Magicka)
64 Blessed 31 Elfborn 52 Master at Arms 64 Mighty 59 Piercing
The above allocation is with a Decisive one hander. If running Sharpened, do 64 Blessed, 40 Elfborn, 44 Master-At-Arms, 58 Piercing, 64 Mighty.

The Thief

Aetherian Archive Healer
37 Sprinter 56 Warlord 64 Arcanist 32 Tenacity 81 Shadow Ward
Allocation may depend if you're using Z'en's Redress and Martial Knowledge.

The Warrior

Aetherian Archive Healer
81 Ironclad 64 Spell Shield 64 Elemental Defender 61 Thick Skinned


You'll need 5850 additional Penetration with all debuffs in the context of Trials. The Update 27 change to how Alkosh functions in conjunction with damage modifiers means that the uptime of Alkosh's Linebreaker debuff is even more critical and will have an effect on your weapon traits or Champion Points allocation group by group.

Courtesy of the Tank Club, Alkosh Blue Champion Point allocations for Magicka & Stamina DPS compositions have been introduced.

Traits, the usage of Malacath's Band of Brutality and CP allocation can vary tank to tank depending on how far they want to go in terms of penetration for both trash and boss fights such as forsaking a source of Minor Breach for Magicka DPS or even retaining/taking on sources of penetration such as Minor Fracture and Sorcerer's Crystal Weapon for Stamina DPS.

Note that pre-Stonethorn Alkosh is in effect on the Raid Dummy meaning that you will still run 9-10 Spell Erosion on Magicka and ~56 Piercing on Stamina (assuming you do Nirnhoned/Sharpened just for dummy testing as a non-Necro Trial setup will mean you lose DPS now on the dummy), Stamina Necromancers will have ~30 points into Piercing with 1x Sharpened, ~55 without.

In optimized groups, DPS classes will run 0 points into Spell Erosion/Piercing. Stam DPS will rely on penetration sets such as New Moon Acolyte and Master's Two Hander for trash.

Mundus Stone (DPS): Shadow or Thief - Please Read

Jewelry Traits (DPS): Bloodthirsty of Infused - Please Read

Weapon Traits for Stonethorn

Precise Frontbar, Infused Backbar (Magicka/Z'en's)

Nirnhoned/Precise Frontbar, Infused Backbar (RO)

Nirnhoned/Infused Frontbar, Infused Backbar (Magicka Necromancer)

Nirnhoned/Precise Frontbar, Infused Backbar (Stamina, 2 Hander)

Nirnhoned Frontbar, Infused Backbar (Stamcro, 2 Hander)

Precise/Nirnhoned Frontbar, Infused Backbar (Stamina, Dual Wield)

Precise/Nirnhoned Frontbar, Infused Backbar (Stamcro, Dual Wield)