Champion points allocations

As of the Flames of Ambition patch, CP 1.0 was replaced by CP 2.0. Various adjustments since Update 29 up until Update 31 including the addition of new Champion Point slottables have been made. Last Updated: Deadlands/Update 32


PvE Combat (Craft)
Professional Upkeep (50)
Steed's Blessing (50)
Liquid Efficiency (75)
Rationer (30)
For a general Craft allocation for PvE.


Boss PvP (Warfare)
Unassailable (125)
Enduring Resolve (125)
Duelist's Rebuff (125)
Last Stand (50)
For the Boss bomb-bait build.


Boss PvP (Fitness)
Juggernaut (50)
Survival Instincts (50)
On Guard (50)
Slippery (50)
For the Boss bomb-bait build.

Important - PLEASE READ

The recommended Champion Points allocations displayed on this page are specific to builds or general setups for either PvP or PvE content.

Due to the nature of CP 2.0 and ESO PvE/PvP builds, many slottable choices or passive pathways are very simple or will be highly dependent on the player. Testing still needs to be done in certain raid content & PvP* but generally most allocations will be close.

Your group needs to reach a total of 18,200 Penetration for boss fights in Trials. The U27 change to how Alkosh functioned in conjunction with damage modifiers was changed to Alkosh being yet again capped at 3000 Penetration for U29 however the Armor changes may mean that magicka DPS compositions won't need Alkosh on boss fights. Stamina DPS compositions will still need Alkosh on boss fights. Both compositions will need Alkosh on trash. For U31, Alkosh has been changed to provide 6000 Penetration but may still be an option for Stamina DPS for both trash and boss fights.

Note that the Raid Dummy was updated in Update 28 / Markarth DLC so you should adjust your penetration if you need to do so.

Weapon Traits Post-Blackwood

Precise Frontbar, Infused Backbar (Magicka DPS/Z'en's Redress) - Staves

Nirnhoned/Precise Frontbar, Infused Backbar (Roaring Opportunist) - Staves

Infused Backbar, Charged Frontbar (Healer) - Staves

Charged/Infused/Decisive Frontbar, Infused Backbar (Tank) - S/B & Staff

Nirnhoned/Infused/Precise Frontbar, Infused Backbar (Magicka Necromancer)

Nirnhoned/Precise or Precise/Precise Frontbar, Infused Backbar (Magicka DPS Dual Wield Daggers)

Precise/Precise or Nirnhoned/Charged Frontbar, Infused/Infused Backbar (Stamina DPS Double Dual Wield Daggers)

Precise Frontbar, Infused Backbar (Stamina DPS Double Bow)

Nirnhoned or Precise Frontbar, Infused Backbar (Stamina, 2 Hander)

Nirnhoned Frontbar, Infused Backbar (Stamina Necromancer, 2 Hander)