Champion points allocations

As of the Flames of Ambition patch, CP 1.0 is now gone. CP 2.0 has replaced it. Please read below. Last Updated: Flames of Ambition/Update 29


The Mage

Alkosh (Magicka)
64 Blessed 31 Elfborn 52 Master at Arms 64 Mighty 59 Piercing
The above allocation is with a Decisive one hander. If running Sharpened, do 64 Blessed, 40 Elfborn, 44 Master-At-Arms, 58 Piercing, 64 Mighty.

The Thief

Aetherian Archive Healer
37 Sprinter 56 Warlord 64 Arcanist 32 Tenacity 81 Shadow Ward
Allocation may depend if you're using Z'en's Redress and Martial Knowledge.

The Warrior

Aetherian Archive Healer
81 Ironclad 64 Spell Shield 64 Elemental Defender 61 Thick Skinned

Important - PLEASE READ

The recommended Champion Points allocations displayed on this page is outdated as Champion Points 1.0 has been replaced by the 2.0 system in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Please click here to see the latest optimal allocations for Champion Points 2.0

General PvP allocations coming soon!

We are busy finalizing Version 2 of the ESOU website and we will revisit/rework this page in the future after we're done our current tasks at hand.