Creative Director of Zenimax Online Studios, Rich Lambert posted the following statement:

Hi everyone,

Now that things have settled down a bit from Firesong’s PC/Mac launch, we wanted to thank everyone for your patience. It was a rougher than normal launch – especially on the stability side. Without sugar coating things, we dropped the ball – no excuses, we will do better in the future.

There is an incremental patch scheduled on Monday, November 14th for PC. This incremental has a number of important fixes in it, including the last of the known major crashes affecting PC. As a thank you for everyone being so patient with the stability issues, we’re going to give all players a free guar pet. To claim it, all you need to do is open the Crown Store and claim the Guar-Lizard Calf pet. It will be up for one week starting Nov 14th and available across all platforms (PC & Console).

Again, thank you all for your continued support and enjoy Firesong!  

The block bug fixes were confirmed to come at a later date by Community Manager Gina Bruno:

There ended up being a few different components to this that needed to be fixed. The good news is these have now all been fixed internally, though there wasn't enough time to get them into Monday's patch. We recognize this news is frustrating but please trust we will get this fix out as soon as we can.