Zorax's Explanation

Stamina Sorcerer has an interesting gameplay which is smooth and rather easy to master. This video showcases the most common rotation with Wrecking Blow as our spammable.

Summon Unstable Clannfear before starting the fight as well as Bound Armaments. Engage with Barbed Trap, then Hurricane, Deadly Cloak and Rending Slashes. Use Bound Armaments on the 4th light attack! I did it on the 5th one on PTS because of delay issues.

While your DoTs are active, use Wrecking Blow as your spammable before Bound Armaments. Cast Greater Storm Atronach whenever it's ready instead of Wrecking Blow. Start using Executioner over Wrecking Blow around 30% HP.

Do not apply Rending Slashes again around 22-23% HP.

Do not use Bound Armaments anymore around 15% HP.

• Race: Orc or Dark Elf

• Mundus: Shadow

• Food: Lava Foot Soup-And-Saltrice for dummy and Artaeum Takeaway Broth for trials (Dubious Camoran Throne if you can't afford it)


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