Stamina Nightblade is an interesting class providing good burst damage as well as a strong execute phase thanks to Killer's Blade. It is not the best class to parse with but still performs well in a raid in the execute phase and also with a support that wears Morag Tong which buffs your spells.

Note: We now lose some weapon damage because of the Assassination flanking passive which has been changed to penetration. You will be able to put less points in Piercing. We use Rapid Strikes on the dummy as our spammable because it can proc axe's bleed and poisons which perform a bit better but in raid you should run Maarselok with Surprise Attack.

 Apply Dark Shade before starting a fight. Don't forget to cast Relentless Focus and Leeching Strikes if you need extra sustain. Engage with Endless Hail and Barbed Trap. Apply your 10 seconds DoTs (Poison Injection and Rending Slashes).

Do the same for Barbed Trap (18 seconds) and Dark Shade (20 seconds).

While your DoTs are active, use Rapid Strikes as your spammable. Use your bow proc when it is available. Cast Incapaciting Strike before Rapid Strikes/Bow proc/Killer's Blade (in execute) to maximize your damage.


• Race: Orc or Dark Elf

• Mundus: Shadow

• Food: Lava Foot Soup-And-Saltrice for dummy and Artaeum Takeaway Broth for trials (Dubious Camoran Throne if you can't afford it)