Due to its damage boost offered to raid teams, Z'en's Redress has become a staple set whether it's on a support or DPS role.

Z'en's tooltip reads:

Your Light Attacks apply the Touch of Z'en on enemies for 20 seconds. Enemies with the Touch of Z'en take an additional 1% more damage for each damage over time effect you've placed on them, up to 5%. You can only receive the benefit from one Touch of Z'en per enemy.

As a note, Z'en's Redress offers the 5% damage taken on a target to EVERYONE in your group. This is usually put on a non-Warden healer or a Magicka Dragonknight DPS as of the Stonethorn patch.

It's important to also note that while you can frontbar or backbar Z'en's Redress along with the various DoTs as well depending on your setup, your Light Attack that applies the Touch of Zen must have been from that specific bar. If you barswap as your Light Attack (if ranged) is still moving mid-air then the Touch of Zen won't apply.

So what constitutes as a Damage Over Time effect to fulfill the Z'en's Redress condition?

Soul Trap & both morphs
Entropy & both morphs
Swarm & both morphs
Cripple & both morphs
Lotus Fan
Trap Beast & both morphs
Sun Fire & both morphs
Searing Strikes & both morphs
Fiery Breath & both morphs
Burning Talons
Scalding Rune
Destructive Reach
Acid Spray
Soul Tether
Lacerate & both morphs
Twin Slashes & both morphs
Scattershot & both morphs (with BRP Bow)
Poison Arrow & both morphs
Lethal Arrow

Note that skills or things like Haunting Curse from a Sorcerer or Solar Barrage from a Templar may apply as a debuff or a delayed damage effect every specific interval but NOT as a damage over time effect.

AOE skills that do count as a Damage over Time effect (as evidenced by Thaumaturge working on many skills) but that do not apply an actual SINGLE TARGET DoT effect to targets do not count towards a Z'en's Redress DoT.

Non-Skills (Chance/Indirect)
Poisons (Creeping Ravage Health/Ravage Health)
Burning status effect DoT (Burning Embers)
Burning status effect DoT (Burning Talons)
Burning status effect DoT (Scalding Rune)
Burning status effect DoT (Inferno Staff)
Burning status effect DoT (Flame Enchantment)
Burning status effect DoT (Elemental Weapon, RNG)
Poisoned status effect DoT (Poison Enchantment)
Poisoned status effect DoT (Lethal Arrow)
Poisoned status effect DoT (Venomous Claw)
Black Widow synergy's poison DoT (Shadow Silk)
Relequen (Harmful Winds)
Bleed status effect DoT (Hemorrhage)
Merciless Charge (Maelstrom Two Hander)

Status effects such as Concussion, Chilled, Disease, Sundered and Overcharged do not count as these don't apply damage over time effects but rather inflict Minor debuffs or deal instant damage.

The chances of applying Status Effects in general are as follows:

  • AoE Damage over Time - 1%
  • Single Target Damage over Time - 3%
  • Single Target DoT - 3%
  • AoE Damage - 5%
  • Single Target Damage - 10%
  • Weapon Enchantment Procs - 20%

Useful Addon(s) for Z'en's Redress

ExoYs Proc Set Timer