Gear Setup

2x Mighty Chudan

5x Crimson Twilight

5x Alessian Order (Infused Two Hander Bar with a Berserker enchantment, 3x Jewelry with Weapon Damage enchantments)

2x Master's Sword and Board (Doesn't Matter what traits)

Recommend 3x Swift for jewelry traits. Impenetrable on most pieces, maybe 1x Reinforced on a big piece to take advantage of the Alessian Order bonus. The Mighty Chudan set plays nicely into both the Alessian Order and also the fact that Werewolves don't have a source of Major Resolve.


The point of being in non-Werewolf form is to survive for as long as possible should you get caught without enough Ultimate to transform into a werewolf. I recommend Pack Leader morph instead of Berserker due to the damage mitigation and the Minor Courage plus the two direwolves.

On the Sword and Board: Resolving Vigor, Pierce Armor, Fragmented Shield, Deep Thoughts, Race Against Time, Precognition

On the Two Hander: Venomous Claw, Fossilize, Executioner, Noxious Breath, Rally, Werewolf Ultimate

Werewolf Skills: Brutal Pounce, Deafening Roar, Hircine's Fortitude, Howl of Agony, Claws of Anguish

Champion Points

61 Ironclad, 40 Resistant, 56 Hardy, 56 Thick Skinned, 56 Elemental Defender, 1 Heavy Armor Focus

64 Siphoner, 51 Warlord, 18 Sprinter, 43 Healthy, 43 Tenacity, 51 Tumbling

7 Blessed, 39 Physical Weapon Expert, 66 Master-at-Arms, 34 Thaumaturge, 28 Precise Strikes, 40 Piercing, 56 Mighty

Other Details

Food: Bewitched Sugar Skulls

Mundus: Warrior or Serpent

34 Points into Health, 30 Points into Stamina

Recommended Race: Nord