Coming out with Update 28, or the Markarth DLC, a new food recipe called the Colovian War Torte recipe was released and this recipe can be found in Cyrodiil. How the drop chance works is that this recipe can spawn in place of any node in the open world PVP zone of Cyrodiil appearing as glowing green book.

I've personally done a 24 hour stream just farming for this and I can confirm that the War Torte recipe only spawns one at a time in the entire zone, whether that's intended or not I don't know.

Finding the Colovian War Torte Recipe

Anecdotally, as you can see in this map showing node density, it seems most of the findings so far have been found many times in the red and yellow areas near Nikel, Brindle, Vlastarus, Roebeck and Harlun's Outpost.

The Secret

But what does the recipe or food ACTUALLY do?

According to the tooltip, once consumed you gain a 50% alliance war skill line experience point bonus from all sources for 30 minutes. And just like Psijic Ambrosias, the general XP booster consumables or Crown Experience scrolls, you can have an actual food active at the same time. And yes the duration is also affected by the Gourmand Provisioning passive that adds 20 minutes to the duration.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, well okay Nefas, that's it? You just get more XP gain in your Alliance War skill line? What noob can't get some Alliance Points to unlock Rapids in like an hour? Yes, at first glance it seems like a very underwhelming food but here's the secret:

Not only does it affect your XP gain in your Alliance War skill lines of Assault and Support but it also affects your progression in your Alliance Rank.

That's right, now the grind to Grand Overlord (the highest PvP rank) or the next Alliance War rank that you want so you can get another skill point, achievement or dye color has been made a whole lot easier.

The War Torte does NOT give you actual Alliance Points or affect your leaderboard ranking in the Alliance War campaign you're homing in. It only affects your so called "Rank Points" in the Alliance War rank progression bar.

How Does It Work?

After testing it myself in various instances, here's basically how the War Torte works:

If you gain let's say 3000 AP as I did at this resource here, you actually get 4500 Alliance Points or rank points total. The War torte gives you an additional 50% gain off of whatever AP gain you get. And yes, War Tortes also stack with Double AP during Midyear Mayhem and the 20% AP bonus gain from killing a delve boss in Cyrodiil. It is not additive but instead multiplicative.

And for sure it's a noticeable gain because I've gone from General to Warlord in a relatively painless amount of time so I will definitely be popping it on cooldown so I can finish my first Grand Overlord.

Molten War Torte Recipe (100%)

Just like Psijic Ambrosia, Mythic Ambrosia and Aetherial Ambrosia, the War Torte has three different tiers that also give 50%, 100% and 150% buff gain for rank points.

How grindy is it to make the 100% and 150% recipes?

Extremely grindy, for example, if you want to make the 100% Molten War Tortes, you need to combine a Colovian War Torte recipe with a Chef Arquitius's Torte Dissertation that you can buy for a whopping 500,000 Tel Var Stones in the Imperial City sewer base.

And to craft a Molten War Torte, you need to COMBINE a Colovian War Torte recipe with a Rubyblossom Extract which can be bought for 100,000 Tel Var stones which only makes 4 of the Molten War Tortes assuming you have the Provisioning passive of creating 3 additional food.

White-Gold War Torte Recipe (150%)

For the final tier of the War Torte, the White-Gold War Torte, you need to make ANOTHER Molten War Torte recipe to combine with Chef Arquitius's Lost Thesis which can only drop on very very rare occasion from finishing Battlegrounds match and only drops at a higher chance for the winners of the Battlegrounds match. And then after all that, just to make a White-Gold War Torte consumable, you need to find a Mourning Dew ingredient which can only be found in node locations in Cyrodiil.

Cyrodiil Citrus Ingredient

How do you craft a Colovian War Torte once you learn the recipe? Well the ingredients are pretty cheap, like Flour, Carrots, Honey, Frost Mirriam but there's a new ingredient called the Cyrodiil Citrus you can find by doing the town dailies in Cyrodiil such as places at Chorrol & Cheydinhal.

And remember, you do have a limit of 50 daily quests you can fulfill per day per character, so you could potentially get up to 900 Cyrodiil Citruses per day if you go hardcore in Cyrodiil. You can also buy it from other players should you not want to farm these.