PC Timer(s)

Unlike Console players, PC players do have access to ingame addons that can track fight mechanics very well. There are mainly two addons that PC players use in Veteran Asylum Sanctorium and we'll also go over how the timers work which will apply to the console timer below as well:

Asylum Tracker made by init3

The Asylum Tracker addon simplifies the mechanics by showing them on the screen for the player, according to the ESOUI description:

  • Olms' HP: Displays on screen within 5% of the jump phase
  • Storm the Heavens: ~5s preemptive countdown before the kite phase starts
  • Llothis' Defiling Blast: ~5s preemptive countdown before blast starts.
  • Protectors: Displays when the protectors start to shield Olms
  • Felms' Teleport Strike: ~5s preemptive countdown before jump starts
  • Llothis' Oppressive Bolts: ~13 countdown before he needs to be interrupted (Timer doesn't apply to the first cast)
  • Olms' Steam Breath: ~5s warning before his steam breath attack. (Timer doesn't apply to the first cast)
  • Trial by Fire: Not preemptive, just displays when it starts being cast.
  • Maim: Displays a countdown for the duration of Felms' maim while it is on you.

This addon is incredibly helpful for the DPS and in particular the Interrupter role (the player who needs to interrupt Llothis' Oppressive Bolts). However note that the timers for certain mechanics such as Oppressive Bolets and Storm the Heavens will vary depending on the queued actions of the bosses such as Llothis doing Defiling Blast or attacking the offtank or teleporting or Olms doing a Steam Breath before Storm the Heavens or Trial by Fire.

Indeed, this is why the addon gives a preemptive countdown rather than an exact countdown and of course why the next addon counts UP and not DOWN:

Asylum Sanctorium Status Panel made by Code, an ESOU Professor

The first addon for vAS Hard Mode, this timer addon is a bit more detailed and also shows exactly how the timers work. There's a lot more going on here than the filtered notifications that Asylum Tracker shows you which can be crucial to either the Interrupter or Off Tank role when handling Felms and Llothis during the fight.

The orange timer next to Llothis indicates the time until Llothis shoots off his Oppressive Bolts mechanic that needs to be interrupted. Typically Llothis does it at either 12 seconds or at around 18 seconds depending on the previous queued actions he did. The green timer indicates when Llothis will use the Defiling Blast mechanic which typically happens at around 21 seconds on the timer.

The white timers next to Felms and Llothis indicate when they jump or teleport, respectively. Felms' jump timer counts DOWN because there is a set timer for when he jumps to and fro the furthest people away (typically the kite/group healers). Llothis' timer however counts UP for his teleports because of his previously queued actions such as a Defiling Blast which he needs to complete or how early/late his Oppressive Bolts will be interrupted.

Llothis typically ports some time after the 29 second mark which gives you an ample enough time to get away from the Poison AoE he leaves behind when he ports if you're close to him.

The larger timers next to Llothis and Felms indicates how long you have until they reach the 3:00 mark whereupon they enrage and their mechanics hit much harder. Their enrage actually can have multiple stacks increasing their damage manifold.

Highlighted by the purple circle, the Storm the Heavens timer for Olms counts up to about ~40 before he starts doing the Storm the Heavens mechanic however this can be considerably delayed by his Trial by Fire, Steam Breath or his Jumps.

The timer next to the Ordinated Protector indicates that an Ordinated Protector sphere has spawned making Olms invulnerable to damage until it dies. Once the timer reaches 1:00+, another Ordinated Protector sphere will spawn and make a mini-boss (Felms or Llothis) invulnerable as well if the previous Protector sphere has not yet died.

The timer next to Maim indicates how long you will be Maimed by Felms' AOEs for. Note that like every other "Monster NPC", Felms does not have the Major or Minor system and his Maim afflicts 50% damage reduction on your DPS and not your typical Minor/Major Maim values as players would do.

Console Timer

Unlike PC players, PS4 or Xbox players do not have access to ingame addons which can make tracking fight mechanics very difficult particularly fight mechanics that are on separate timers...such as Asylum Sanctorium Hard Mode's timers for Felms and Llothis enrage, their movements, their mechanics and of course the timed mechanics from Saint Olms.

Courtesy of Vera and improved by endgame raider Sparrow, the following timers were made for console players to accurately track the fight's mechanics on their tablet or phone devices.