Updated PvE Sources for Transmute Crystals (Markarth DLC / Update 28)

How much were PvE sources for Transmute Crystals improved by as of the Markarth PTS?

Post v6.2.2 (Markarth PTS)

Note that the DLC pledges don't give more, every amount rewarded to the player is now a fixed amount rather than random RNG amounts between 2 to 10 Transmute Crystals, PvP sources except Battlegrounds supposedly remain unaffected. We're also seeing a more clear tier list of Transmute Geodes:

White giving 1 Crystal

Green giving 3 Crystals

Blue giving 5 Crystals

Purple giving 10 Crystals


Sources of Crystals (PvE)

SourceAmount / Geode Type
All Pledges (Hard Mode)5 Crystals / Blue Geode
Pledges (Non-Hard Mode/Maj al-Ragath)1 Crystal / White Geode
Pledges (Non-Hard Mode/Gilrion)3 Crystals / Green Geode
Pledges (Non-Hard Mode DLC)Unknown
Random Normal/Veteran Dungeon10 Crystals / Purple Geode
Random Normal/Veteran (after 1st)1 Crystal / White Geode
Normal Trial Coffer5 Crystals
Weekly Trial Reward Mail10 Crystals / Purple Geode
Vateshran Hollows (Veteran)5 Crystals
Blackrose Prison (Veteran)5 Crystals
Maelstrom Arena (Veteran)4 Crystals
Normal ArenasUnknown
Daily Overland Quest (Undaunted, CWC, etc)Nothing