Chapter Reveal: High Isle

As teased by previous developer interviews and statements, the 2022 Chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online called "High Isle" will take place in a never before seen part of The Elder Scrolls universe which are the Systres Archipelago west of the main continent of Tamriel.

The Chapter will be part of the year-long "Legacy of the Breton" which will see a huge emphasis on Breton culture, lore and aspects of their political intrigue that deviates from the much-tried Daedric invasion theme prevalent since 2018.

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Lore-wise, the story will center around the resolving of the Three Banners war between the Ebonheart Pact, Aldmeri Dominion and the Daggerfall Covenant which will be interrupted by a secret society called the "Ascendant Order" led by the intimidating figure known only as the "Ascendant Lord" who's accompanied by the "Ascendant Magus".

Like previous year-long stories, previous characters encountered in the ESO universe will most likely make appearances. Two confirmed characters will return for the Legacy of the Breton story : Za'ji from the Southern Elsweyr/Dragonguard and Jakarn from Stros M'Kai crew.

Surprisingly an official feedback poll thread was created on the Official ESO Forums by Zenimax Online Studios to gauge player interest perhaps indicating more development for the recent probing of player-dev communication.

New Item Sets

In addition to a bunch of DLC content such as Dungeons, a Trial and of course overland zones, players can expect with Update 33 to see:

  • 3 New Item Sets (Rewards for the Worthy)
  • 3 New Monster Sets (Imperial City)
  • Six New Dungeon Sets and Two New Monster Sets (Ascending Tide DLC Dungeons) which are shown below:

New Game System (Tales of Tribute)

An ingame collectible card game assumingly similar to Gwent from The Witcher series or other Trading Card Games (TCGs) has been unveiled where two players can play against each other in open world, in taverns or against NPCs to progress through a sort of storyline.

It comes with a tutorial and the system is designed so that newer or more experienced players can face off in these games as both parties' will be shuffled together for the actual game.

It will come with a ranking system, furnishing rewards, collectible rewards and even Transmute Crystals as rewards for playing.

Not much is known apart from the fact that it's a "resource building" game.

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2 Person Mounts

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At long last due to technical issues plaguing the last iteration of a two person mount, ESO will soon see a two person mount not just in the form of a Dwarven spider but ALSO in the form of a horse where your Companion or a group member (Player) can ride together!

New Companions

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2 new Companions introduced: Ember the Khajiit sorcerer and Isobel Velois the Breton knight!

New Armor Styles

At least one new armor style was showcased:

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New Dungeons

Shipwright's Regret (Rivenspire):

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Corael Aerie (Summerset):

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Dungeon Rewards/Collectibles

In addition to confirmed body markings, two mementos can come out of the U33 DLC dungeons.

Maormer Ocean Pearl:

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Guardian's Frozen Shard:

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New World Events

"Help the local Stonelore druids investigate and shut down volatile volcanic fissures that have begun to plague the islands of the Systres."

Similar to the Dolmens, Harrowstorms, Geysers and other world events seen throughout ESO.

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New Trial

Dreadsail Reef - "Gather your strongest allies for a new 12-person Trial and strike back against the Dreadsail pirates within their dangerous island hideaway." Maormer pirates were hinted at.

New House (Seaveil Spire)

A mostly underwater house has been unveiled.

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Spanish Integration and Spanish ESO Forums

The Spanish language has been localized into The Elder Scrolls Online alongside the other existing localized languages of Russian, German, French, Japanese and English.

The official ESO forums now have a Spanish version that went live after the 2022 Global Reveal stream.

Deconstruction Assistant

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Instead of traveling to a specific crafting station to deconstruct their respective type of items/gear, you can now purchase a Deconstruction Assistant (presumably from the Crown Store, assuming 5000 Crowns just like the other Assistants) to deconstruct things on the go instead.

Account-wide Achievements (Titles Included)

Perhaps a double-edged blade, account-wide achievements have been announced for Update 33 meaning all characters will share most achievements/achievement rewards such as Titles across the account they are on (per platform/server) although you assumingly still can replay quests on characters you've never done with before.

Following achievements are not included:

  • Enchanting/Rune achievements
  • Motif Crafting/Styles
  • Lorebooks
  • Skyshards
  • Public Dungeon Group Event achievements
  • Dragonguard Sanctum achievements

Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 Trophies Synced

In regards to the achievement trophies gained in The Elder Scrolls Online on the Playstation console, the PS4 trophies earned for those who transitioned to the PS5 system will now become synced!

PTS and Update 33 Combat Preview Announced

The first cycle of the Public Test Server for Update 33 has been announced for January 31, 2022 (Monday) while the Update 33 Combat Preview has been announced for January 28, 2022 (Friday).

PTS and Combat Preview

The first week of the Public Test Cycle for Update 33 will start on Monday, January 31st, 2022 while the Update 33 Combat Preview will be published on Friday, January 28, 2022.

Prepurchase Rewards

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