Begins: Thursday, February 25 at 10AM US EST

Ends: Tuesday, March 9 at 10AM US EST

TICKETS - 2 per day (resets 1AM US EST)

1 for first Vvardenfell + Clockwork City daily of any kind turned in

Official Event Ticket Guide

What Is NEW

The Slag Town Diver Skin Runebox (tradeable)

Thetys Ramarys’s Bait Kit memento Runebox (tradeable)

Fragments for the Microtized Verminous Fabricant pet (tradeable)

What You Can EARN

  • Double reward boxes for zone daily/Trial weekly
  • First completed each day, you’ll receive a Glorious Tribunal Coffer (higher chance of receiving the rarer items such as the skin)
  • Increased rewards from harvest nodes not fishing / heavy sacks / Crafting Surveys
  • World / Delve / Trial bosses drop additional loot (vAS Polymorph drop chances shouldn't be affected).
  • Public dungeon / world bosses chance to drop NEW style page
  • Final boss in the CWC/Morrowind Trials Asylum Sanctorum / Halls of Fabrication guaranteed drop NEW style page
  • Style pages (and in rare cases, entire Motif Chapters) for the Ashlander, Morag Tong, Telvanni, Redoran, Hlaalu, Ebonshadow, and Clockwork Apostle styles
  • Transmutation Crystals