Sempiternal Way (PC / North America) asked people to share pictures of their travels in Tamriel and a good story accompanying it when the picture was taken.

Winner of the contest got an Outfit slot upgrade (or equivalent) from the Crown Store

2nd place received a set of Dye, Provisioning and Alchemy Stations to prep for their travels.

3rd Place received a Dye Station to be fashionable during their travels!

@Soriana (1st Place)

"Exploring every nook and cranny of Southern Elsweyr sometimes yields amazing results as well as time for reflection."

@Nitchslapped (2nd Place)

"Purple. An ocean of words telling unimaginable tortures. The innocent crying out for salvation in the void, the curses from Daedric tongues lingering on their flesh, uncured. The heroes again, the last shred of their hope bleeding out as their leader fell. Machines rust beneath the ground—even they cannot escape the decay. There is no protection, no beetle-shell to fend off the growing nothingness. The dead are four and four and four then three, students of the crawling weft and warp left to live. The void looms."

@FatelessLava (3rd Place)

"A new hand touches the beacon."