Event Information

3 days after the end of the bonus Explorer's Celebration event following the Heroes of High Isle event, ESO players will be greeted by spooky season in the form of the annual Witches Festival.

The event is set to begin on October 20th, 2022 at 10AM US EDT and will end at 10AM US EDT on November 2nd, 2022.

Event Details

As always, if you are a new player you have to navigate to the Crown Store to acquire "The Witchmother's Bargain" quest to complete it to gain the Witchmother's Whistle Tool. If you've done the Witches Festival quest in prior years, you don't have to do this.

You can use the whistle to get a 2 hour +100% XP buff that stacks with other sources of XP gain.

Event Rewards

All players upon defeating any Boss (includes Dolmens, other world events, delve bosses, arena bosses and so forth) will get a Plunder Skull container.

A Plunder Skull container contains a possible:

  • Witch-Tamed Bear Dog pet fragment
  • Alchemy reagents
  • A festival-themed furnishing recipe
  • A festival-themed provisioning recipe
  • A complete festival-themed furnishing
  • A festival-themed miscellaneous treasure
  • A Hollowjack style item
  • A Dremora style item
  • Worms
  • Crawlers
  • Guts
  • Insect Parts

The first boss kill of the day grants a Dremora Plunder Skull that can contain everything a Plunder Skull has but also:

  • Dremora motif chapter
  • A Witches Festival Writ
  • A Glenmoril treasure map or Glenmoril armor outfit style page
  • A Grave Dancer weapon style page
  • NEW Ghastly Visitation memento runebox
  • NEW tradeable style page for the Witchmother's Servant armor style

You can also do the daily quest called "Plucking the Crow" by speaking with Witchmother Taerma that grants the Crowborne Horror Dremora Plunder Skull that has a small chance of granting you the following rewards:

  • 10 Witch-Tamed Bear Dog fragments
  • The FULL style book for the Dremora motif
  • A folio of ALL Glenmoril treasure maps
  • A Ghastly Visitation memento runebox
  • A random Witchmother's Servant style page

Event Tickets

Every first boss you defeat of the day grants you two Event Tickets as well which means you can get up to 28 Event Tickets if you participate in the event every day it's active.

The Impresario, as usual, offers the following including event-specific furnishings:

  • All three Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet fragments
  • Hallowed Hourglass Basin
  • Illuminated Dragon Scroll
  • Kvatchian Incense
  • Ghastly Visitation Memento
  • Witchmother's Servant armor style pages
  • Bonedust Pigment
  • Ruby Candlefly Gathering furnishing
  • Webs, Cone furnishing
  • Specimen Jar, Spare Brain furnishing
  • Hollowjack Lantern, Ouroboros furnishing
  • Vampiric Lamp, Azure Tall furnishing
  • Vampiric Lightpost, Azure Single furnishing
  • Group Repair Kit
  • Companion Guild Commendations
  • Witches Grab Bag

The first fragment for the long-awaited Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh will also be available called the Engraved Glassblowing Tools.

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Indrik Vendor

If you don't see anything you want to get with your Event Tickets and you still haven't collected all of your Indrik mounts yet, you can also access Nenulaure the Indrik Vendor who offers the following for Event Tickets:

  • Nascent Indrik Feathers
  • Pure Snow Indrik Berries
  • Crimson Indrik Berries
  • Frost-Light Indrik Pet
  • Rosethorn Indrik Pet