Dates and Times

The Undaunted Celebration begins Thursday, September 7 at 10AM EDT, and ends on Tuesday, September 19 at 10AM EDT.

How to Participate

Once the event begins, you can head into Tamriel’s dungeons via your map, the Activity Finder, or any dungeon entrance. In addition, you can acquire the introductory quest “Glory of the Undaunted” by speaking to Serileth at any Undaunted Enclave, traveling to an Impresario tent, or procure the quest itself for free from the in-game Crown Store.


Every time you complete a Dungeon every day of the event (by killing the final dungeon boss), you receive 2 Event Tickets and a Glorious Undaunted Reward Box which can contain things like gold, consumables, Style pages, Undaunted Keys, Opal Weapon style pages and so on.

Undaunted Reward Boxes

These boxes drop from any final Dungeon boss or upon completion of a Daily Undaunted Delve quest granted by Bolgrul (also located at any Undaunted Enclave) and can include:

  • A guaranteed drop of an item set piece from the dungeon in which the box was acquired.
  • Ascendant Order motif page
  • Bloodforge motif page
  • Crimson Oath motif page
  • Dreadsail motif page
  • Fang Lair motif page
  • Huntsman motif page
  • Hazardous Alchemy motif page
  • Icereach motif page
  • Mazzatun motif page
  • Moongrave Fane motif page
  • Pyre Watch motif page
  • Silken Ring motif page
  • Scalecaller motif page
  • Silver Dawn motif page
  • Stags of Z’en motif page
  • Silver Rose motif page 
  • Thorn Legion motif page
  • True Sworn motif page 
  • Waking Flame motif page
  • 1,000 Gold
  • An Undaunted Key
  • A Crown Repair Kit
  • A Riding Lesson

Glorious Undaunted Reward Box

The daily Glorious Undaunted Reward Box can contain any of the above items, but it also has a chance to drop one of the following Opal Monster Weapon Styles:

  • Sentinel of Rkugamz (new, 2023)
  • Velidreth
  • Iceheart
  • Lord Warden
  • Nightflame
  • Swarm Mother

Opal Monster Mask and Shoulder Style Pages

During the event, when you defeat and loot a specific dungeon’s final boss on Veteran hard mode, you have a higher chance to loot its associated Opal Monster Mask style page. This includes the following bosses and dungeons:

  • Sentinel of Rkugamz (Darkshade Caverns I)
  • Velidreth (Cradle of Shadows)
  • Iceheart (Direfrost Keep)
  • Lord Warden (Imperial City Prison)
  • Nightflame (Elden Hollow II)

Opal Monster Shoulder Outfit Style Pages can be acquired at the cost of Undaunted Keys at any of the three Undaunted pledge givers (specific Opal shoulder pages cost 50 Undaunted Keys while rolling for a random Opal shoulder page costs 25 Undaunted Keys)

Event Tickets

You can earn a total of 26 Event Tickets assuming you complete a dungeon every day of the event.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to not gain Event Tickets after you hit the inventory currency cap of 12 Event Tickets or those won't be added to your inventory.

You can use your Event Tickets for any of the below items should you wish to:


  • Chartreuse Lily Petals (Passion Dancer Blossom fragment)
  • Enchanted Silver Flute (Passion Dancer Blossom fragment)
  • Mystical Sheet Music (Passion Dancer Blossom fragment)
  • Bolt of Indigo Cotton (Passion Dancer's Garment fragment)
  • Bolt of Silver Silk (Passion Dancer's Garment fragment)
  • Bound style pages for the Sentinel of Rkugamz Opal weapons and Opal masks and shoulders
  • Impresario Group Repair Kits
  • Companion Guild Commendations

Impresario's Assistant

  • Deadlands Flint (Unstable Morpholith Pet fragment)
  • Rune-Etched Striker (Unstable Morpholith Pet fragment)
  • Smoldering Bloodgrass Tinder (Unstable Morpholith Pet fragment)
  • Vial of Simmering Daedric Brew (Deadlands Firewalker Personality fragment)
  • Vial of Bubbling Daedric Brew (Deadlands Firewalker Personality fragment) 
  • Vial of Scalding Daedric Brew (Deadlands Firewalker Personality fragment)

Nenulaure, Indrik Vendor

  • Nascent Indrik Feathers
  • Onyx Indrik Berries
  • Mossheart Indrik Berries
  • Ebon-Glow Indrik Pet
  • Sapling Indrik Pet