Introduction to Dueling

Concepts that KirimotoTV will go over in the video below will include PVP Rotation, Offensive & Defensive Timing, Bar swap cancelling, Ranged and Melee abilities, Efficient Parsing, Bunny Hopping, and more.

Kind of like for PvE, you need to have a checklist for when you start engaging your opponent.

Self Buffs assure that you aren't taking too many risks (healing) while also being efficient with your self damage buffs as you debuff your opponent. The next three things in the checklist are interchangeable with one another in the dynamic "order" of combat meaning you can start mixing things up!

It is very important that your self buffs and debuff windows are efficient and as fast as possible to give yourself more time to CC, ult and damage your enemy before your self buffs and debuffs fall off.

Offensive and Defensive Timing (Dynamic Timing)

Your offensive and defensive windows are going to revolve around TWO key elements of a fight. The first is to track your enemy's Ultimate economy and the second is to track your CC immunity (visually indicated by the white swirls at your feet).

In principal, your opponent will usually drop their Ultimates every 20 to 30 seconds. More expensive ultimates may take longer to build up. Likewise, your enemy will also attempt CC you every 7 seconds after your CC immunity expires.

Your opponent tends to then line up their Ultimates WITH their CC attempts as shown in the graph above. Making sure you have enough resources to either survive or counter the opponent's upcoming burst or Ultimate/CC combination.

After your opponent's kill potential goes down from using a CC and an Ultimate on you, it is then your turn to have the kill potential as you could be CC immune which means they can't stop you and they also don't have an ultimate.

Enemy Indicators/Patterns

Your opponents will tend to form patterns around their CC's and Ultimates so it is crucial to take note of your opponent's abilities and what they're using and when they're using these abilities which we will refer to as "Indicators" that gives us a tell of their next move which is usually their combination of burst damage, CC and Ultimate.

For example, many Magicka Sorcerers tend to put a Curse on you before they line up their combo. This is often your cue to self-buff.

Global Cooldowns, Block Casting, Winning, Tips and More

To continue learning about kite abilities, melee playstyles, ranged playstyles and so forth, please watch the video below as you need to watch the visual presentation of said concepts.