With the launch of Update 35 - known as the Lost Depths DLC - on August 22 for PC and September 6 for Console platforms, ESO players are already settling in and attempting to adjust to the large scale and tumultuous combat changes made to The Elder Scrolls Online.

Many ESO players however are probably not expecting the Q4 DLC to be arriving relatively soon much less 6 weeks after September 19th (projected to be October 31st, 2022 for PC). There are some clues that have set our expectations for the Q4 DLC known as the Firesong DLC.

First, it's been announced that there will be an ESO Live along with an "Update 36 Preview"  on the 16th of September. Traditionally for at least the past year and a half, the Combat Previews are often posted in conjunction with the Friday ESO Live streams that give players a preview of what's coming next.

The Monday following that Friday usually is the beginning of the first week of the 6-week long Public Test Server cycle for the next patch and quarterly content.

Added to our projection estimate for the Q4 launch date is the fact that the 2022 releases compared to the 2021 content cycle were delayed by a week, meaning instead of the usual September 12th or 13th for the Q4 PTS, it will be September 19th.

Finally, there's also the fact that the PC PTS was taken offline for unexpected maintenance hinting at the preparation of the PTS for Update 36.

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ESO players also seem to be waiting on the promised Update 35 Q&A from developers in regards to why core changes occurred for combat balancing for Lost Depths DLC.

It is doubtful that the Update 35 Q&A will occur on the ESO Live Twitch stream as the main focus of the livestream seems to be more on the story and overland content along with behind-the-scenes developer work on those areas such as the creative process of fleshing out characters.

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Most likely the Update 35 Q&A may occur with the Update 36 Combat Preview or at a later time in a different place.

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