Where To Create Your Own Outfit!

You can make Outfits and dye costumes and hats at Outfit stations in all major cities and towns of Tamriel.

Symbol on map you want to look for:

The Outfit Station itself:

The Dye Station:

You can also get Outfit Stations for your house either from the Crown Store or through the Writ Voucher Merchant with 500 Writ Vouchers. The Dye Station is worth 35 Writ Vouchers. Both have the same use, only the visual furnishing look is different.

You can do 2 things on every Outfit Station:

Making Outfits and Dyeing Costumes/Hats!

Making Your Own Outfits

First you have to select an Outfit slot every character has 1 free slot. If you want more, they are purchasable in the Crown Store. While you can have up to 10 Outfit slots, keep in mind these Outfit slots are not account-wide so these Outfit slots you buy are only for the character you're currently logged on as.

Stick to a theme, when creating an outfit. For example “Knight”, here you want heavy armor, metallic dyes. You can choose here for example motifs like Imperial, Knight of the Circle, Order of the Hour, Dragonguard or Shields of Senchal. You can always preview what motif you choose. You can even preview not yet unlocked motifs (but not dyes), so you can see what motif you still want to get for your outfit. 


You unlock dyes via achievements throughout the game. Some dyes work very differently on cloth, leather or metal. For example “Glacial Topaz”, what dyes on metal blue and on leather/cloth brown, also many motifs dye differently to each other. Base game motifs are less detailed and different compared to the latest expansion motifs.

Try Stuff and Experiment!

Make the outfit you like, everyone has a different taste. You can add a lot to your look when you change tattoos, apply a skin effect, equip minor or major adornments and even customize hair!

You can also change the look of your mount and choose a non combat pet to be the perfect complement to your new Outfit!

Avoid Clipping!

Armor unnaturally stuck in each other or clipping through one another is always awful to look at. Sometimes it's even tricky to combine light, medium and heavy armor of the same motif.

Stay with a few fitting dyes: Staying in a color scheme or dyeing something in the direct opposite can make some interesting outfits, like white + gold or black + gold.

Throwing on an outfit bright yellow, red, blue and gold, is often a bad choice for an Outfit in terms of fashion.

Outfit Tips

If you don't want bulky shoulders on your Character, choose Honor Guard Light Shoulders, they hide very well even on light armor motifs. Also Ancient Elf Gloves and Honor Guard Sash are very subtle.

If you want extra effects, you could consider buying Weapon Packs from the Crown Store which would give your weapons various glowing effects!

Choosing gold/iridescent dyes subtle can also make the outfit look a lot better than trying to dye everything in gold.

You can also hide the helmet of your Outfit in the appearance or make an Outfit without a helm which happens to be free:

Paying For Your Outfit

You have 2 options when paying for your completed Outfit: Gold or Outfit Tokens.

The amount of gold you pay depends on what kind of motifs and dyes you have chosen. The rarer the motifs and dyes, the more expensive the Outfit becomes!

You can also get Outfit Tokens from the Crown Store. You also pay 1 Token per changed Outfit. If you want to see how locked dyes look like, you can try them on the Public Test Server although this will require you to download the Public Test Server client which is basically another ESO onto your computer.

Costume Dyeing

For dying costumes in ESO you require ESO+ or dye stamps. You can get costumes and hats from the Crown Store as ingame rewards.

Although ESO+ is the optional subscription you pay for extra convenience or features in ESO, if you dyed a costume before your ESO+ ran out, the dyed costume will still stay the way you dyed it. Dyeing costumes and hats is free with ESO+.

Dye Stamps can be bought from the Crown Store (at least one can be earned from leveling a character from 1 to 50). These 3 dyes are set. I don't recommend buying Dye Stamps as you can get similar dyes unlocked with achievements when you simply play the game!