TESLORE Illustrated: Shadowmarks - What Are They?

Loremaster Kob explains shadowmarks and what they mean in Elder Scrolls lore.

Shadowmarks are markings that are used by the members of the Skyrim Thieves Guild in the Fourth Era to leave various messages to each other at particular locations.

Usually, Shadowmarks are engraved into door frames.

Below is what each of the marks mean:

  1. The Guild: the symbol of the Thieves Guild
  2. Safe: the location is safe
  3. Danger: the location should be avoided, or approached at your own risk
  4. Protected: the location is protected by the guild and should not be burglarized
  5. Fence: the person nearby is a fence and can buy stolen goods
  6. Thieves Cache: items left by the guild to aid fellow members
  7. Loot: there are valuables nearby
  8. Empty: there are no valuables at this location and it can be avoided
  9. Escape Route: usually found in dungeons and jails

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