The Ritual

Mistral Banana-Bunny Hash
Essence of Spell Power

Introduction (Update 32, Deadlands)

The Stormfather build utilizes strong set options often looked at by many endgame players which can be very effective in Normal & Veteran Dungeons/Arenas for all levels of players. The build is intended to heavily capitalize on Ultimate generation while buffing the damage of the group by playing safe rather than always risking the biscuit to procure a clear.

The build also offers incredibly strong Healing-over-Time and burst Heals for anything that requires a healing check such as Moongrave Fane Hard Mode or Stone Garden Hard Mode. The Stormfather can also get up to an astonishing 48,000 hitpoints on its Barriers which may be pivotal to the build's gameplay for many players.

The Stormfather is not intended for Trials although the setup can certainly be used for Trials.

Recommended Races for this build is Argonian, alternatives can include Breton, Dunmer or Altmer. For race recommendations you can refer to this video.

Recommended potion for this build is an Essence of Spell Power.

Recommended food for this build is any bi-stat food that gives Max Health/Max Magicka.

Recommended Mundus Stone is The Ritual.

For gameplay and the video showcasing this build, refer to the video above.