The Thief

Braised Rabbit With Spring Vegetables
Essence of Heroism
Damage Health Poison IX

Introduction (Update 32, Deadlands)

This setup is specifically intended for usage as a Stamina Nightblade bow and bow DPS spec for the Clockwork City 12-man Trial "Asylum Sanctorium".

Note that it is also quite important to see what the rest of the team is running for such optimal builds to work. (ESOLogs)

Race for this build is Dunmer.

Mundus Stone is The Thief.

Recommended potion to use for this build will be Essence of Heroism. Heroism potions will give you the most Ultimate casts possible with Incapacitating Strike.

Recommended poisons to use on the frontbar for this build will be Damage Health Poison IX.

Recommended food for this build is a bi-stat food (Max Health + Max Stamina) as it's proven to be a bit more consistent in survivability (and enough sustain with Leeching Strikes) over using Mirage with sustain food.