Many Godslayer progression groups doing veteran Sunspire Hard Modes for the No Death/Speed Run title/achievement rewards often come across this topic of "skipping" statues during the Nahviintaas Hard Mode fight.

The "Statues" in this case refer to the four Statues that can come to life and introduce a higher degree of difficulty due to their AOEs, removal of safezones from Nahviintaas' Firestorm mechanic and the need for the group to allocate these Statue adds to the offtank and designate someone else in the group to be the "off off-tank" (OOT) to typically help the Main Tank stack the regular waves of adds in addition to the two portal adds that spawn when the bottom group needs to go defeat the Eternal Servant.

"Skipping" the Statues means that the group successfully manages to not let a Statue add spawn in which can make the fight astronomically easier in terms of fight space and less stress on the offtank as there's quite a difference between handling one Statue and three Statues.

How To Skip Statues

The portal team must come up IMMEDIATELY after Firestorm ends but AFTER Nahvii attempts to bring a statue to life.

An example of the callouts or this in action can be seen in the timestamped video below:

The Eternal Servant also needs to be doing a mechanic: pins, spawning a static field, cone, etc when Nahviintaas spits the life energy at a statue.

In the above picture, up top the Statue just got the life orb from Nahviintaas so it can come to life. However the bottom group in this screenshot is getting a mechanic from the Eternal Servant. Note that the timer for the Eternal Servant wipe is a lot "later" as the add phase was done very very fast so the bottom group can afford to stay a little longer down on the Eternal Servant waiting to kill it on the raid lead's call.

One statue after the last add phase in the last picture!

Keep in mind this is more reliable with groups that are consistent top. Because the pace of top group should be super consistent and fast enough to where the boss attempts statue spawn at the Eternal Servant’s second pins or directly after or directly before a mechanic.

Is It Consistent?

It all depends on the group, but for most groups it can go either way or somewhere, sometimes you will get only one Statue, sometimes two, sometimes three. So definitely have your off tank practice with three statues so they're ready for the worst case scenario particularly when people are playing much safer and doing less DPS if the group is at full vitality going for Godslayer!