Make sure to also check out Saligia's YouTube as well for more ESO knowledge!


0:34 Table of Contents

1:13 Class Discussion

2:55 Character Basics

3:18 Champion Points

4:06 Single Target DPS Gear

8:15 Solo Gear

9:15 Non-Trials Gear

10:27 AoE (Trash) Gear

12:17 Crystal Weapon Discussion

14:04 Skill Bars

17:54 Rotations

25:21 Conclusion

25:40 Saligia's 2H/DW Parse

29:08 Saligia's DW/DW Parse

32:31 Skinny's Bow/Bow

36:24 More Robot Dancing

Two Hander/Dual Wield Setup & Rotation

Dual Wield/Dual Wield Setup & Rotation

Bow/Bow Setup & Rotation

For a lot more information, check the description of Skinny's YouTube video above for things like skills and even more setups!