The Warrior

Bewitched Sugar Skulls
Essence of Health

Introduction (Update 30, Blackwood)

PopLoader on PC/NA introduces his incredibly fun small-scale PvP Stamden build for open world engagements. The Savage's stats are approximately as follows:

30,000 Max Health, 28,000 Max Stamina, 20,000 Max Magicka with almost 6000 Weapon Damage in groups and about 26,000 Physical/Spell Resistances.

This build is intended for gameplay alongside a couple of your friends but if you ever need to kite or stand your ground by yourself, the Savage can do that as well by combining the Warden class toolkit with the appearance of random Major buffs.

Or perhaps you'd like to counter-attack enemy players, who are a bit too overconfident as they chase you, with incredibly high burst damage as the greatest defense will sometimes be the great offense. The Savage can provide this as well.

Recommended race for this build is Nord.

Recommended Mundus Stone is The Warrior.

Recommended potions for this build will be a Essence of Health that gives back Health, Stamina and Magicla.

Recommended food for this build will be Bewitched Sugar Skulls.