RNC shows you the rotation, various gear setups, Champion Points allocation and a couple tips on Magicka Nightblade DPS for the Stonethorn DLC patch.

Suggested Races, Mundus, Food & Potions

Altmer, Dunmer, Khajiit and Breton.

The Shadow as your Mundus Stone.

Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl, Citrus Filet and the Ghastly Eye Bowl are your food options.

Spell Power Potions, Minor Heroism Potions (you need a Dragonknight tank to run Igneous Weapons)


Rotation Priority:

1. Merciless Proc

2. Wall

3. Twisting

4. Shade

5. Orb

6. Minor Force

7. Crippling

8. Siphoning (Incap burst phases - make sure all your dots and buffs are refreshed, spammable x4)


Keep up 5 stacks of Merciless (do NOT fire the projectile off), keep up force, wall, twisting, and shade, and SPAM impale. Keep siphoning if you really have to. If the boss has less than 5% HP, just keep up wall and spam impale.

Trash Setups

Single Target Set Ups