It's no secret that as of 2022, there are largely unspoken or silent codes of conduct that raiders from different communities are expected to adhere to within their platforms/servers.

This article will seek to standardize a set of etiquettes, attitudes and behaviors that should constitute a strong and positive raiding culture regardless of platform or server that both older and completely new players can expect to see or participate in.

Raiding etiquette will also be supplemented by The Elder Scrolls Online Code of Conduct and Terms of Service where applicable; meaning certain offenses such as directed harassment based on a person's background, sexual harassment, stalking and many examples of both toxic and illegal behavior will absolutely not be tolerated by ESOU or its partners and participants.

Before Raid

- Don't "-x" or "-dd, -t, -h" (drop out) from a raid roster less than an hour before raid starts unless it's an emergency.

- If you're going to miss raid or something came up or you're sick, please give a notice instead of not saying anything!

- Make sure to free up your time according to what was assigned in terms of expected raid time.

- Have your Consumables (Food, Repair Kits and Potions) and Soul Gems ready.

- Check your gear, inventory space, Champion Points and other things before the raid, no one likes waiting at the raid start time!

- Check the roster for any additional information your raid lead wants to know like your position or sets they want you to bring!

- Feel free to ask your raid lead before raid any questions.

- The raid lead should give anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes for a late raider to show up before replacing them.

During Raid

- Listen to the raid lead's callouts.

- Don't be afraid to ask questions during the raid.

- Don't pull before the tank (i.e. ninja pull, early pull, aggro'ing the boss before group is ready).

- Don't leave midraid if something simply isn't going right, you're forcing the team to wait around until they find a fill!

- Don't trade or barter for loot until the end of raid unless the Set Collections timer is about to expire.

- Don't loot Heavy Sacks or Treasure Chests until told by the raid lead.

- Pick up all the gear loot as someone in your group may need it!

- Make sure to notify the raid lead or person doing a countdown before they start counting down if you need to change gear, skills, go to the bathroom (bio), etc.

- Don't stop midraid to post a parse (i.e. CP Charles Rule).

- Leave personal issues and drama out of raids. Don't start them either during raids. Go through the raid lead.

- Make sure to not clutter voice communications.

- Be aware of any distracting background noise for your mic and mute your microphone out of respect to others' ears.

- Damage dealers should resurrect other players before the tanks or healers are forced to.

- Don't backseat raid lead, if you have something you strongly feel the raid lead should have the group do, whisper the raid lead or wait until after the raid.

After Raid

- Don't publicly shame or harass people based on their performances in raids, ESOLogs, videos or any medium. That's fucked up.

- Try not to leave raid communications immediately unless it's urgent, try sticking around after raid to bond with one another and learn more about what could go better next time or revel in the experience of your clears!

- Ask the raid lead or others for assistance in regards to your role or performance.

- If you have suggestions for the raid in terms of strategy, take them to raid lead.

- Make sure your team is okay with you posting ESOLogs or videos or whatever else.


- Have fun first and foremost!

- Endeavour to always learn more about the game like other classes and other things to improve.

- Keep an open mind.

- Raid leads or whoever is forming the roster has the right to choose people for their rosters. Not all rosters are first come, first serve.