In addition to Spanish localization and integration for The Elder Scrolls Online, the following quality of additions below are coming to Update 34:

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR)

In Update 34 we have added support for FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0. This upscaling technology is available for all graphics cards and can be used to improve performance for those who are bottlenecked by their GPU while playing ESO. This can be used to get straightforward improvements in framerate, or to allow you to enable more demanding graphics settings like our Screen Space GI while maintaining similar framerates to what you had before.

We recommend starting with Ultra Quality mode and lowering from there as needed as we have seen great performance gains with this alone, especially on older graphics cards.
FSR1.0 works best with higher quality antialiasing; we recommend setting your antialiasing to TAA if you enable FSR, but we support using FSR with any antialiasing option.

Quickslot Wheel Updates

We’ve added multiple additional utility quickselect wheels for collectible allies, mementos, emotes, and tools. You can tab between these wheels while holding the quickselect wheel keybind.
Allies, mementos, emotes, and tools can be slotted to their corresponding wheels directly from their respective Collections menu category.

You can now assign any emote to the existing quickselect wheel.

The existing emote wheel when utilizing Gamepad Mode can now be used through the quickselect wheel keybind.

Title Screen Music

You now have the ability to choose which title music theme plays on the game’s login screen. In the Audio Settings tab, there is a new drop down labeled "Intro Music". Select which Chapter you'd like to listen to and just give it a few moments to swap over (the default will always play the most recent chapter's song). Listen to them all and pick your favorite!

Accessibility Mode

We’ve added a new pre-game screen, which appears prior to the login screen, that offers the option to select Accessibility Mode. When choosing this mode you will automatically be swapped to use the Gamepad UI, but the keybinds will be adjusted for whatever input is being used (keyboard or gamepad). If you decide you don’t want to use this, you can disable in the Options menu.