The Rules

According to the U32 patch notes:

Item sets that deal a "burst" of damage in 4 seconds or less now have a 1 second window after proccing that prevent similar item sets from activating.

  • Item sets that have innate counterplay such as delays, minimum travel times, warning telegraphs, have 1 second or no cooldowns are exempt from this adjustment.
  • If wearing multiples of these sets at once, any action that would activate multiple sets will instead trigger the first set you equipped and suppress others for 1 second. After that second passes you will be able to attempt to trigger them again.

What this means simply put is that the specific sets listed below will have a 1 second delay before activating after another set is activated. The order in which you equip these sets should you want to wear 2 or more of them will also determine the order of their activation.

The Sets Affected

  • Affliction
  • Ashen Grip
  • Curse of Doylemish
  • Deadlands Assassin
  • Defending Warrior
  • Frenzied Momentum
  • Hrothgar’s Chill
  • Kra’gh
  • Poisonous Serpent
  • Song of Lamae
  • Syvarra’s Scales
  • Thunderbug’s Carapace
  • Thunder Caller
  • Viper’s Sting
  • Way of Fire
  • Winterborn

Note that Stormfist was considered at one point to be included in this list but was removed.