How It Works

Champion Points System 2.0 introduces a completely revamped version of Champion Points System 1.0 and also adds slottable constellation nodes (limit of 4 per type of constellation, as seen below) that player characters can activate to enhance their combat-play or gameplay in general.

This obviously forces players to choose between many different activatable nodes that may be combined with their class/playstyle/setup of choice.

The cost of respec'ing Champion Points remains the same - 3000 ingame gold.

However there is no cost in moving slottable nodes in or out of the Champion Points bar at the top.

The green tree Constellations have become the "Craft", the red has become "Fitness" and blue has become "Warfare".

White-highlighted star nodes indicate that they are slottable while golden star nodes indicate that they are passives. Some nodes are very familiar and there have been new perks, passives or active nodes now available.

It's important to note that this system arrives to us players within the context of Update 29 - otherwise known as Flames of Ambition - which had encompassing changes that were affected by or have an effect on the new Champion Points system.

Below you will find v6.3.0 PTS screenshots of all the slottable and passive nodes in CP System 2.0.

As of January 27, 2021, it is estimated by ESOU Professor Kodiak ~2700 CP to absolutely min-max for things like world record scorepushes. Problematics with the CP 2.0 system seem to mainly stem from the passive nodes that require points to get to actually desired passive nodes in addition to the nature of the passive nodes.

Warfare Champion Points (Passive)

Warfare Champion Points (Slottable/Active)

Craft Champion Points (Passive)

Craft Champion Points (Slottable/Active)

Fitness Champion Points (Passive)

Fitness Champion Points (Slottable/Active)