I do realize that in some of the clips I barely have my buffs up, but it's because I was trying to secure kills as fast as I can. I noticed that in a duel it's essential to always keep all my buffs up but when I'm 1vXing, it's actually more situational. If there is an enemy with high damage, I do have to play more conservatively while maintaining my buffs and focus him down first.

But if I'm in the middle of executing someone while the enemy damage is manageable and I know that I can secure the kill if I just push him for a few more seconds with my buffs down, I go for the kill.

It does sound a little odd because the key component to successfully 1vXing is being able to survive the fight and not having buffs up lowers your chances.

However, if you can't secure kills when you're outnumbered your enemies will out sustain you and eventually kill you. I do try to have rally up and if I don't, I play more cautiously. All the clips in this video were filmed within 2 days.