New Zone (Markarth + Another Part of Blackreach)

Some of the information outlined in the U28 Combat Preview was clarified including the addition of Minor Brittle to the Frost Staves and other base game changes including Battlegrounds queues. Gina and Jessica also confirmed on stream that they were only drinking water.

November 2nd is the release date for PC.

November 10th is the release date for Console.

New Item Sets

A total of 17 new sets are apparently coming with Update 28:

  • 3 Overland Sets
  • 3 Craftable Sets
  • 3 Arena Sets
  • 6 Arena Weapons (One each affecting the last skill of every Weapon Skill Line i.e. Elemental Drain, Snipe, Momentum, etc).
  • 2 New MYTHIC Items (part of the Antiquities system introduced in Greymoor).

Note that the tooltips for the damage shown on the sets that were showcased below have been affected by the fact that the showcasing of the sets were done on dev-mode, meaning stats are unrealistic.

New Quests/Stories (10 Hours of Content)

Our ESOU Loremaster Audens was also correct about the potential appearance of the Despot of Markarth. In addition Sai Sahan, Count Verandis and Lyris Titanborn will make an appearance together.

There is apparently also an ancient Redguard Sword Saint who had turned into a Wampire lord.

New enemies also appear including a strange type of gargoyle and a Dwemer "Rhinoceros Beetle" war machine.

New Solo Arena (Vateshran Hollows)

Unlike Dragonstar Arena, Maelstrom Arena and Blackrose Prison, Vateshran Hollows does not follow the previous arena models in that you battle wave after wave of adds during an Arena round or Arena stage. It looks to be more in the format of a dungeon but for one player to traverse.

Mechanics are also included during traveling through each specific "wing" or portal realm of Vateshran Hollows including grappling hooks, pulling chains in time, killing Gatekeepers to progress and traveling through environmental damage.

There are a total of four portals with 2 bosses per realm and 1 final boss for the last portal that is unlocked after completing all three portal realms. The strength of the monsters will increase after each portal clear meaning you can strategize/choose which realm you go to first.

There are Perfected Weapon versions.

A plethora of Achievements were hinted at for the new solo arena.

  • Hircine-themed (Green)
  • Molag Bal-themed (Blue)
  • Mehrunes Dagon-themed (Red/Orange)
  • Final Boss Portal (Bright Blue)

Transmute Cap Has Been Raised

If you are a non-ESO+ Player, the limit on your Transmute Stones will be raised from 100 to 500.

If you are a ESO+ Player, the limit on your Transmute Stones will be raised from 200 to 1000.

New Skin (From Arena)

Crafting/Inventory/Gamepad UI Updates

Taking inspiration from PC addons, both the Inventory and Crafting User Interfaces have been updated to allow players to craft Master Writs/Daily Crafting Writs more easily, allow players to filter out more items specifically and so forth.

Gamepad mode has been updated to work with the new UI.

Minor Brittle

A new debuff which causes a target to take an additional amount of Critical Damage. This can only be achieved through applying the Chilled status effect.

Antiquities Community Event

Just like the Summerfall Event where players could get a pet, mount and the Psijic Villa for free provided the community goals were reached, players who own Greymoor will be able to participate in an upcoming Antiquities event where players can unlock a pet, markings and a stunning new house.

The first of the new "House Guests" will also be available.

Set Collections/Reconstruction ("Stickerbook")

Perhaps the biggest Quality of Life and massive itemization change of all is the ability for players to reconstruct any piece of any set in the game including Arena sets, Trial sets, Undaunted sets, overland sets and so forth in whatever trait they desire (so long as they've researched the trait and has the trait stone). This system is account-wide and comes with the basegame.

Some players have compared this to Destiny 2's Collections system.

For a player to do this, they must spend a certain amount of Transmute Stones. The amount depends on how many pieces of an Item Set you've bound to your account, the more of an item set you've bound to your account, the less transmutes you use down to a total of 25 Transmute Stones.

 You can't pass these Bind-On-Equip or Bind-On-Pickup items around in groups of people, you must BIND these to your account to "learn" how to reconstruct these).

Also as clarified by Rob Garrett, you can also deconstruct these reconstructed item pieces and get Transmute Stones back.

Any set pieces you already have bound to you or you equip a set item that is not bound to you yet will automatically be added to your Set Collections post-patch, don't deconstruct yet!

It certainly has big implications for the RNG/grinding aspect of ESO and potentially the ingame economy.

Battlegrounds Solo & Group Queues

Once again confirming that Group Queues are back alongside the ability to Solo Queue against Groups or against other Solo players:

Other Events/Collectibles

Witches Festival, New Life Festival, #TamrielTogether have been confirmed alongside new styles, collectibles and a PvP-specific emote called the Crazy Reachman. Over 20 new antiquities have been added to the game including an updated motif style.

Dwemer pet included. Two new houses confirmed but will not launch with Update 28 instead showing up during Update 28.

More Combat Changes To Come

Rob Garrett also explained that there will be more combat updates to come on the heels of standardization.