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This rotation makes use of the Blackrose Prison Dual Wield Axes on the backbar, and a 2H weapon on the frontbar. The Blackrose Prison Axes on the backbar to increase the twin blunt and blade bleeding effect.

The main priority skills are:

- Deadly Cloak, grants the Spectral Cloak buff for up-to 12 seconds providing the ticks are doing damage.

- Subterranean Assault on cooldown, now activates twice (one after 3 seconds and then after 6). The only real exception during an Off-balance phase with less than 3 seconds remaining, or in a real fight where you won't get any hits at all.

- Cutting Dive spam whenever the enemy is off-balanced. Deadly Cloak, Rending Slashes, Growing Swarm and Consuming Trap each last 10 seconds so these skills, therefore, form the backbone of the rotation.

However, it's not a problem for the DOTs to fall off in favour of casting the above skills (Subterranean Assault, Cutting Dive). Generally, there may be a pattern of reapplying DOTs when not off-balanced, not at all during off-balanced phases.

Use Executioner as an execute, as early as 30% but definitely after 25% and reapply all DOTs, after that only keep your main skills active. In short fights where you won't get a full duration of DOT recasts, ensure DOTs are running one last time before 25%, then use Executioner the rest of the way.

During off-balanced phases in short fights, use Executioner too, in the event that you won't get full value out of the Cutting Dive bleeds.

Static Rotation

This is a 12-second rotation which depends on having a good (not perfect) off-balanced uptime, which is more reflective of reality. Therefore two sets of the rotation are roughly equal to realistic off-balanced phases for many groups.

However it won't bring the best results on the dummy since off-balanced occurs in 22-second phases, so do keep this in mind.

Sub Assault - Barbed Trap/Bull Netch (alternate) - Deadly Cloak - Rending Slashes - Growing Swarm - Soul Trap Sub Assault - Cutting Dive x 5 Replace Cutting Dive with a Bear Ultimate Cast when needed, and/or Executioner Casts at less than 30% HP.

Use Cutting Dive if you don't need the Netch to sustain.


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