Liko with the help of Pyromaniac goes over Stamina Templar PvE DPS'ing in the video below. Make sure to support Liko at his Patreon! And check out his website,, a friend of the ESO University website!


The rotation here is a pretty simple one, for how effective it is.

Endless Hail and Ritual of Retribution are both cast once on the backbar per rotation.

Otherwise, it is a case of casting Power of the Light, twice on this front bar rotation. Once near the beginning, and once more 6+ seconds later. In between, you may cast Barbed Trap whenever the Minor Force buff runs out, then aside from casting your ultimate (Ballista is great when timed with Major Vuln, Flawless Dawnbreaker is consistent), literally squeeze in as many Jabs as you can in between that. There isn't too much more to say!

Static Rotation (There are many suitable variations)

Endless Hail - Ritual

POTL - Jabs x6 - POTL - Jabs x3

Replace a Jabs cast with a Barbed Trap or Ultimate cast, whenever ready.

Parse (Khajiit)

Parse (Orsimer)